Modern Home Decor

Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods Specializes
in Natural and Modern Home Decor.

Shopping for modern home decor can be a frustrating task when you look in the wrong places. If you are tired of generic modern decor and are interested in something more unique and visually pleasing, you'll want to shop at Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods. Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods has been impressing the world with quality handmade gifts since 2004. With items from over 100 artists, you'll be sure to stumble across gifts like the following!

Leading the way for modern home decor at Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods is their Small Green Pot collection. These pots are made by Tom Krueger and they come in a variety of colors. Each pot is handcrafted out of porcelain before being thrown, fired, and airbrushed with acrylics. After a final layer of gold, your new modern home decor pot will even glow! Tom Krueger offers large and small pots in a variety of colors to match your home.

Unique modern home decor gifts are just a click away at Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods!