A sweet little multi-functional pottery dish. The bottom half has been imprinted with a honeycomb pattern and glazed in our Honey Caramel. The top half is our Vanilla White glaze with a vintage honeybee impressed into the surface of the clay. Each dish is made by hand in our Strasburg, Virginia pottery studio. Glazed and kiln fired to over 2200°F.

Dimensions: 3.25" in diameter

Hand-cut stoneware clay mini dish with a softly scalloped edge. Perfect for rings, earrings, cone incense and more!


What else could you do with this dish?...

♥Cookie/Biscuit Plate
♥Soap Dish
♥Tealight Candle
♥Soy Dish
♥Wasabi Plate
♥Wedding favors
♥Spoon Rest
♥Tea bag holder
♥Lemon/Condiment Plate
♥Put your rings or earrings in it on the bedside table.
♥Makes a great wedding favor

Bee & Honey Dish by B. Robertson

SKU: CO345