A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Featuring nature inspired design with a steampunk twist, the Mullanium jewelry collection is a result of 20 years of collaboration. Each design is made with a variety of metals such as silver, brass, and copper. The artists achieve an array of colors by giving each piece an oxidized or hand painted finish. Many pieces are hand stamped with various patterns, which add to the individuality of each design. Some of the elements the artists like to incorporate in the jewelry are glass cabochons, fresh water pearls, and old time pieces.

Enjoy your Mullanium pin as a wearable miniature artwork!

- 1 in L x 2 in W.
- Material: brass/oxidized or hand painted finish.
- by Mullanium; Handmade in Mullanium studio in Pompano beach, Florida.

Bird in Hand Pin by Mullanium

SKU: J703