6” x 12” gouache framed with a white with black core mat and a black frame to a finished size of 12” x 18”.


Artist Bio:


"Someday I will paint," a long time wish became reality when Ruth retired in 2002 after a 31-year career teaching the social sciences and language arts.  Ruth, an emerging artist, currently lives and works in the Traverse City, Michigan area.  Her preferred medium is oil painting, but she also creates using gouache, watercolor, ink, charcoal and graphite.
For Ruth, each painting offers a new opportunity to capture the beauty and spirit of the landscape.  Her style continually evolves as she explores the many elements of art and oil painting.

The joy and challenge of plein air painting was first experienced when Ruth painted with Andrew Petrov in Provence, France.  Plein air summer workshops in Traverse City with Neil Walling, Sharon Griffes Tarr, Mark Hanson and Margo Burian continued her exploration of outdoor painting.  Since 2003, Ruth has studied with Charles Gruppe, Ellie Harold, Ann Marie, Charles Murphy, Joan Richmond, Royce Dean, Barbara Reich, Bob Rohm, Eric Slayton, and Lori Feldpausch in classes and workshops.

'Cherries, Jam, Jelly & Salsa' Framed Gouache by Ruth Kitchen