Mayan Hands is fair trade non-profit organization dedicated to providing economic and educational opportunity to Mayan women and girls in Guatemala. With access to market, capacity-building programs and scholarships, women and girls have a dignified path out of poverty, while maintaining their cherished cultural traditions.


Mayan Hands artisan partners are proud to offer you their finely crafted felted-wool animals. Each piece is hand signed by it's maker.


• Kangaroo is 6" high

• Panda is 4.5" high

• Tiger is 6" long x 4" high

• Elephant is 7" long x 3.5" high

• Hippo is 6" long x 3" high

• Lion is 6" long

• Zebra is 6" long x 4" high

• Monkey is 4" high (in sitting position)

• Sloth is 6" long x 3" high


Felted wool on wire frame. For display, not play (small parts and/or wire frame).

Hand Felted Wool Exotic Animal Ornaments by Mayan Hands