The DF1 watch, from Watchcraft's Montevideo collection, has a hand-painted dial in a hexagonal brass case. The wide band with a watch dial design engraved in brass. This is a limited edition, signed by Eduardo Milieris. Because each watch is hand sculpted and painted individually, expect unique design variations.


The distressed, and oxidized metals are not sealed, allowing the wearer to become a participant in the evolution of the piece. Air, temperature, and the skin's pH all change the inherent molecular structure of the metals, resulting in a wristwatch that is most uniquely individual. Suitable for both men and women, with links that are easily adjusted by any jeweler.


Each watch comes with an extra link, along with a beautiful suade presentation box and artist/ warranty information.

Mixed Metal Unisex Watch by Watchcraft (DF1)

SKU: J560