The WFMMV23 watch, from Watchcraft's Full Moon collection, has a brushed copper dial with reflective hands in a round oxidized silver and copper case. The wide bracelet on this watch is made from riveted layers of silver, bronze and copper. This is a limited edition, signed by Eduardo Milieris. Because each watch is handmade individually, expect unique design variations.


The distressed, and oxidized metals are not sealed, allowing the wearer to become a participant in the evolution of the piece. Air, temperature, and the skin's pH all change the inherent molecular structure of the metals, resulting in a wristwatch that is most uniquely individual. Suitable for both men and women, with links that are easily adjusted by any jeweler.


Each watch comes with an extra link, along with a beautiful suade presentation box and artist/ warranty information.

Mixed Metal Unisex Watch by Watchcraft (WFCW)

SKU: J5601