Each dragonfly is an individually crafted indoor wall-art piece,

starting its journey from a simple piece of cold-rolled steel.  After it is flame-cut, a hand-held disc grinder is artfully utilized to etch multiple layers of texture and brilliance into the surface of the body and wings,  after which heat from a torch transforms the shiny steel into the deep colors and hues that are unique to each dragonfly.

Each one has a built-in hanger that is centered and balanced to allow the dragonfly to hang in any direction. These were originally designed to be arranged in a grouping or swarm of a few or several, going up a wall, over a doorway, or on any surface where texture and dimension are desired. In a swarm they are a creative alternative to traditional framed art, without the limitations of a border or frame. Mixing the two sizes makes them even more dramatic, and the two sizes can represent a family with adults and children.

Dimensions: 5.5" long

Small Steel Dragonfly by John Running

SKU: ME046