Tiny little silver balls swarm around a beautiful faceted labradorite gem.


Length: 1.25" ; Material: Sterling Silver; Stone: Labradorite; Color: Various; Size/Cut: 12-14mm Heart Briolette


Zuzana's path began in Prague, Czech Republic. She grew up in one of the most ancient cities of Europe, surrounded by centuries of art and architecture, the old and manmade amazing her at every step. In her adult life she found a home in the Pacific Northwest, immersing herself in the rugged beauty of the outdoors and the unrestrained imagination of nature.


Both of these contrasting surroundings influence her creative vision on a deep level, playing a major role in her design process. The organic, feminine, understated beauty of nature blends together with the industrial, masculine and manmade in the jewelry she creates.​

Swarm Labradorite Earrings by Zuzko

SKU: J186